Rhode Island Lighthouses

Brenton Reef Lightship LV-14

Location: Entrance to East Passage of Narragansett Bay
Location: 1853 - 1856 l Lat 41 25 00 N - Long 71 21 30 W
Year Built: 1852
Design: Wood-white oak and yellow pine; copper and iron fastened; 2 mast (foremast higher) daymarks
Description of Ship: Painted straw color, with Ledyard in black letters on each quarter, showing
Description of Ship: two plain white lights, one forty-seven feet above the sea - the other thirty-seven -
Description of Ship: the higher light forward.
Length: 91' (lbp); Beam: 22'; Draft: 9'; Tonnage: 159 gross
Illuminating Apparatus: Single lantern with 8 lard oil lamps
Illuminating Apparatus: (source: Lightships of the United States Government By Willard Flint)

Illuminating Apparatus: Two Lanterns
Illuminating Apparatus: (source: Notice to Mariners in March 5, 1853 in The Tri-Weekly Commercial
Illuminating Apparatus: Willmington, North Carolina)
Propulsion: Sail-sloop rig
Years on Station: 1853 - 1856
Status: Sold at auction in 1872
Light Characteristic: Fixed White
Range: 12.5 miles
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